Westfall Gifted Services

"Westfall Local Schools Office of GIfted Services is proud to announce our new program for gifted and talented students identified in Science, Social Studies, and Superior Cog in grades 3 through 8! SHERPA, which is an acronym for Stretch, Heighten, Extend, Reach, Pursue, & Aspire, has a hands-on curriculum that focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and PBL (Problem/Project-Based Learning). Each grade level has one full SHERPA 'Lab Day" where they will have opportunity to be involved in experiments, engineering design, use a variety of technology, apply math, science, social studies to daily real-world activities and communicate and collaborate with experts from different STEAM fields of study and occupations. Please direct inquiries to Westfall Curriculum Director, Amy Hill, at  740-986-8951."

Journey North Mystery Class Project Hangzhou, China video

Contact Information: 
Dianna Swain
Gifted Intervention Specialist
740-986-4008 ext. 6119
Amy Fox
Curriculum Director
740-986-4008 ext. 6001




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