School Leadership Teams

District Leadership Teams
Primary Functions

  • Setting performance targets aligned with district goals;
  • Monitoring performance against the targets;
  • Building a foundation for data-driven decision making on a system-wide basis;
  • Designing system planning and focused improvement strategies; structures, and processes;
  • Facilitating the development and use of collaborative structures;
  • Brokering or facilitating high quality PD consistent with district goals; and
  • Allocating system resources toward instructional improvement.


Building Leadership Teams

Primary Functions

  • Foster shared efficacy;
  • Build a school culture that supports effective data-driven decision making;
  • Establish priorities for instruction and achievement aligned with district goals;
  • Provide opportunities for teachers to learn from each other and greater opportunity for teacher leadership;
  • Monitor and provide effective feedback on student progress;
  • Support the development, implementation, and monitoring of focused building improvement plans;
  • Make recommendations for the management of resources, including time, and personnel to meet district goals.
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