Remote Learning Information

Westfall Remote Learning Option

Student Expectations

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Students must commit to 1 full grading period at a time. We understand the length of this commitment is difficult. Because we are working hard to ensure our teachers deliver instruction in both models, we will have to make staffing adjustments to accommodate our families’ choices. It will be extremely difficult to accommodate changes once staffing and student assignments are determined. We will work with families on an individual basis to ensure extenuating circumstances are addressed.

If a student opts to be online, they may still participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

Students will not be permitted to be partially online and partially in person.

How will online classes work?

The majority of the classes in grades 9-12 will be synchronous, meaning students will need to be logged in at the designated time to attend and follow along with the live class virtually. The learning will be in real-time. The student is expected to be logged in and participating in the lesson simultaneously as the in-person class is happening.  These lessons will be LIVE, and at-home students will have the same resources available that the in-class students have.  

Some classes and lessons in grades K-8 will be completed asynchronously, or at the student’s own pace. Curriculum through pre-recorded audio and video will be provided, and students will be able to complete the work when they can receive assistance from parents/guardians.  Specifics will vary depending on the individual student’s building and classes in which they are enrolled.

The determination for synchronous/asynchronous learning will be dependent on the building, grade level, and individual class that a student is enrolled.  The decision will be made by the building and its teachers based on the best interest of the student(s) and the lesson at hand. Online classes will follow the same course sequence and pacing as the in-person class.  The online student will be expected to adhere to deadlines and due dates as outlined by the instructor.

This will facilitate a student rejoining the in-person class if/when needed.

Collaborative/Group work may be permitted, provided that all protocols are being followed.

Additional Participation Expectations:

Online students will be expected to take an active role in their online learning by joining their assigned classes via Google Meets when they are in session. 

Students will be expected to follow the class schedule they have been assigned.  This means they would log in to Google Classroom and join the class session by the period outlined on their schedule.  For example, if you are assigned to 1st Period English, you would join that class via Google Meets when 1st period begins.

If the school is on a hybrid schedule, online students will be required to join their classes on their assigned days as if they were in person. For example, an online student with the last name starting with the letter N would be required to join their classes online on B Group days. 

Students will be on the roster for the period to which they are assigned.  Teachers will take attendance for those students as if they were in person.  Students may be asked to sign in on a Google Sheet or complete a Google Form each time they log in to a class.

Teachers may work out individual schedules for the amount of time a student is required to be present online as fits the needs of the student and the class.

Students are expected to participate and complete assigned work.  This work will be graded and impact the student’s ability to pass a course or grade level. 

Failure to participate may require a student to switch to in-person classes as determined by the building administration.  This change may be made before the end of the grading period.

 Students failing to meet expectations of participation will be contacted by the teacher, the building principal, or designee to encourage participation.    

Participation does not always mean that students must be on a video stream.  They may also participate live via a Google Meets Audio session.  Additionally, teachers may opt to use a shared Google Doc as a live chat with in-person and online students.  Each teacher will communicate these expectations to the students ahead of time. This will help mitigate any bandwidth concerns students may have. 

Feedback and Individual Assistance:

While students are expected to participate in online sessions, they may still have questions or need more individualized assistance.  Teachers will maintain office hours during the Flex/Lunch period between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm.   

If you have any further questions regarding the online learning option, please contact your student’s building administrator at:

Westfall Elementary: 740-986-4008

Westfall Middle School: 740-986-2941

Westfall High School: 740-986-2911