Westfall Cares

Westfall Cares continues to assist families with food during this trying time. Donations are still greatly appreciated as our need has grown and our outreach has become larger than last year. During our March Meeting, the Darby Fine and Dandy 4H Club assisted us and packed over 300 bags of food for our elementary school students, with over 70 bags packed for the Easter Holiday. Mrs. Link's class at the high school continues to pack food bags for middle and high school students. 

Below are some items that are needed. As always, monetary donations are also appreciated. Thank you in advance for your kindness.
Peanut butter / Jelly
Macaroni and Cheese
Ramen Noodles 
Canned Meat
Oatmeal / Cereal
Fruit Cups / canned vegetables

A gracious thank you to the members of the Darby Fine and Dandy 4H Club: Dominick Bush, Cody Kitchen, Wayne Kitchen, Grace Johnson, Danielle Elder, Dalton Bush, Sam Elder, Kaelynn Walls, Jillian Butcher, Elleana Yeager, Colton Brungarth, Josh Elder, Aaron Elder, Logan Brungarth, Hayden Wallace, Mason Wallace, Audrey Wallace, Dean Alkire, Lydia Ratliff, Peter Ratliff, David Ratliff, Ben Ratliff, Thomas Ratliff as well as their parents and club guests, Debbie Bush, Eric Bush, Anita Kitchen, Richelle Brungarth, Anita McFannin, Dave Alkire, McKenna Gibson, Cherish Elder, Shannon Wallace, Kenny Wallace, Becky Ratliff, Maggie Ratliff, Justin Walls, Jodi Butcher, Ashley Howland