Westfall Receives Donation from Chipmunk Solar Project

Westfall Local School District recently received a $25,000 donation from the Chipmunk Solar Project to benefit the district's new Community Room, a part of the new addition between the middle and high schools. 

The Chipmunk Solar Project is a 400 MWac solar project located in Pickaway County, Ohio. The project brings together the regional development expertise of Geenex, a leader in utility-scale solar development, while EDF Renewables (EDFR) is the long-term owner and operator and contributes its financial and late-stage development expertise. EDFR and Geenex have partnered to finish the project's development activities and will continue to engage with local stakeholders and the community. The Chipmunk Solar Project will provide enough clean, renewable power to offset the average energy consumption of 75,000 homes.

Chipmunk Solar generously sponsors mobile educational labs through the Center for Energy Education, which visited our district in the spring to educate our middle and high school students on the benefits of renewable energy.  

"Through the Chipmunk Solar project, we have been providing solar education opportunities inside Pickaway County since 2020. We are proud to continue our commitment to Westfall Schools in financially supporting the community room project" said Jessica Gliha, Director of Community and Governmental Relations for Geenex Solar.

The Chipmunk Solar project's gracious donation will help fund the construction of Westfall's new 1,258 square foot community room. The new community room, located at the front of the new addition, will seat 75 individuals with a pitched floor. Those in the rear are sat higher than those at the front via tiered seating), allowing them to see presentations easily. The room will serve as a formal meeting space, well-suited for lectures, conferences, film screenings, receptions, and any other event that benefits from this flexible space.

"The teammates from EDF Renewables and Geenex have enjoyed building relationships with many folks in Pickaway County, including Superintendent Jeff Sheets and the Westfall School District. We are incredibly proud to contribute to the school's renovation plans of including a brand new community room that provides a new venue for groups to gather," said Jacob Salisbury, Project Developer for EDF Renewables. 

"We are profoundly grateful for the Chipmunk Solar Project's tremendous gift to our school," said Superintendent Jeff Sheets. "We appreciate all the support we get from the Chipmunk Solar Project and the many stakeholders in our community."